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Headlight Restores

This is not your ordinary buff and polish. 


What is done:

-The headlight lens are cleaned up

-Then the lens is sanded all the way down to 400-600 grit and back up to 3000

-The lens is then buffed and polished to look new

-After all of that is done, LAMIN-X is installed


Lamin-x is a film that protects the headlights lens from road debris,pitting,oxidation and yellowing. This film is ordered directly from there website and installed.

The film is the best optin because its thicker than clear coating, more protecting/longer lasting than buffing and polishing and lasts longer than most restore kits. 



The full restore process cost $180 for both headlights and this may delay process of customization by a day or two because its done a certain way. i do not rush work, but you will not be unhappy about the final results.