20th Nov 2018

Our Newly released Version 3 04-08 Acura TL J pipe with HIGH flow third cat NOW in stock and on black Friday sale! While supplies last. ( LInks below )

ERPM J Pipes for 
all 04-08 Acura TL
09-14 Acura TL FWD and AWD
Newly released V3 04-08 Acura TL

Private labeled strictly for Endless through one of the most known exhaust manufactures in the world, Magnaflow, these J pipes have a few key features that Only are available on our ENDLESS J pipes.

1- Use of OE style crush gaskets. These are a bit more difficult to use, as they have to be placed perfectly into the slot and made sure they are crushed perfectly, but they are the best in my opinion for a seal. Even manufactures use them on the OEM / factory pipes! 

2- Lap welds. While these aren't the "prettiest", these style welds are one of the strongest made, also made by machine to avoid human error ;).

3- Velocity style neck. NO, this is not a bottle neck design and actually the pipe is designed this way. After all, did you think a world leading exhaust manufacture would let this slide by if this were an issue? Our pipes have seen impressive lower end, just read the all positive reviews. These are made to not hold up, but be enough to "force" the air through faster. Dyno proven to gain HP, again, just look at the reviews.

4- Our v2 J pipes allow the use for a test pipe. Sure, its "two pieces", but this allows for many advantages. 1 being that you can remove just one piece and stick stock one back on, if ever needed. 2 you can use the stock heat shield on our "tabbed" version, to keep the car looking stock. 3 for all of your CARB state car owners, these are pretty much technically legal for you as they do not remove the third cat!

5- Shorted allowed primaries. Having longer tubes ( all in one style that most competitors use) tend to "draw" out the exhaust flow by having a longer section on both the front and rear bank until it hits one. So our v2 paired with a test pipe has seen impressive gains over long tube designs, especially in the lower range. So sure, we could have made it simpler by having an all in one style, but whats the fun in that when you can have more power the other way!

6- We are the only ones at the moment who offer a V3, which is our v2 design ( shorter primaries ) along with an attached high flow cat! Yes, we have a "all in one", buts its not the typical style your used to. Its our v2 with a high flow attached. This helps with all of you PCD guys who want to get rid of some rasp as minimal effect to power. Since the 3rd cat doesn't have a sensor in it, this could also be passable in some states. 

7- All of our J pipes tuck the highest allowed. This means amazing things for all of you lowered car owners and even stock. Ive seen stock cars j pipes hit and bang things while being run over. Our j pipes tend to stuck up above the subframe!

8- Our j pipes are 2.5" at the single part in the outlet, this is best for all stock cars beyond forced induction. No need for 3" at all, unless you are fully built motor ( beyond bolt ons ), we have seen dyno charts from all cars ranging from stock to fully bolted and there was no need for a 3". Remember this, if 3" or larger was needed / the best, why is the majority of pipes around the same size, let that sink in. 

Besides all of that stuff, our pipes are stainless and come with all needed materials for install. They are plug and play!