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Phantom Audio - Remastered Amps for all Makes and Models

While we just have a specific amount of cars linked on our website, Phantom Audio does however allow customers to send in their amps to be reworked, remastered and modified for breath taking results.

All Acura TL 3rd gen ua6 / ua7 2004-2008:

Link - Click HERE

Enter Phantom Audio:

Unwilling to accept the compromises in the factory Acura amps, he has designed a brand new amp (remade) to ask yourself, "why didn't it come like this from the factory". It MUST be heard in person, and for the money, to be plug and play its a no brainer because lets face it we ALL listen to music in the car while driving.

  • Broadened Frequency Range; higher highs and lower lows
  • Concentration on expanding and deepening high, mid, and low bass tones
  • Full Midrange; newfound richness and warmth
  • Crisper Treble; tickles the eardrums without piecing brightness
  • Greater Fidelity; more accurate sound reproduction