Fiber Kreations

Lexus IS Sedan 2014-2019 Fiber Kreations Roof Spoiler - ( Fiberglass + Carbon Fiber )

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Lexus IS Sedan 2014-2019 Fiber Kreations Roof Spoiler


 Would advise you to use some Glue/Epoxy as well. Not responsible for it flying off, getting stolen, etc. Please make sure its on secure like anything else you put on your car. 


Fiberglass ( Paintable ) make sure the painter DOES NOT WARP this by putting this in the oven. It needs to be air dried..Any fitment issues have to be pointed out BEFORE painting with pictures.  We highly recommend also some epoxy/silicone as well just incase of any small gaps due to tape. Tape is quick and easy, but never a permanent solution.


As said above, we are talking about fitment issues. The primed version is NOT finished, some light sanding may need to be done for aesthetics / looks. These are hand sculpted and produced, there will be minor imperfections here or there, some sanding needed and the top of the roof will never be "glass".


Fits All 2014-2019 Lexus IS Sedan



Add Tape


 The option to add tape to the order comes in 3.


First option. You have a means to securely install yourself and don't need anything. You can also glue the product, use anything you want to secure. properly


The Second option - 5 pound, this will hold, but we highly recommend making sure its on properly and secure as we aren't responsible for them being stolen / fly off. 


The Third option - 30 pound. This is very strong tape. Its not cheap and holds very well, but again, not responsible if its improperly installed and stolen / fly's off.




The key is to make sure its installed on a clean surface, no debris, cleaned rear window and never on a cold day. Its recommend to heat up the tape / rear glass and then painters tape the spoiler down so the tape can adhere. Remember, tape needs a few cycles to flex / soften and harden to properly make a tight grip seal. 



Don't be fooled, the difference between a solid fiberglass and laid dry carbon like this one compared to a weak / flimsy and shallow piece is yes a price difference, but there is a reason why its cheaper!


Made from the finest carbon fiber available "Grade A"

Protected with UV coating, that will it to hold its high gloss finish, won't fade

Tight carbon weave 

Carbon weaves are wrapped completely around the edge

Edges are rounded not cut

Bottom Is flat for nice fitment and contact points

Fiber glass - ready to paint MAY need some final wet sanding depending upon what kind of primer / paint your using. This we would say is 99% ready to lay the paint down.



 Please allow 3-5 business days to properly package / box up and schedule a pick up for this item.





Like all carbon, fitment will be the best it can. Fitment maybe a slight bit off or it maybe perfect because it does need to be adjusted like anytime you replace a part. Grade A carbon fiber. No warranty because like all carbon fiber if you don't take care of it, the sun may cause issues over time. This is with ALL carbon fiber. Make sure to take care of it, and it will last! Be aware while this may scare you, we pride ourselves in making our carbon. We use nothing but the best dry carbon with an added protection of clear on top. This is not flimsy, thin, cheap feeling stuff, its just nothing last if you don't take care of it so we want you to be aware of this. As you see from the pictures, these products are some of the best hand made products. Some imperfections may occur, if a seller claims they are perfect, well, nothing or no one is perfect. Due to its fragile state, and being on the front of the car we are not responsible for it cracking due to road debris, or any other thing hitting the car. Customer is to check upon arrival and if it looks good and is installed, that is where our responsibility of the part ends.

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