Custom Steering Wheel ( All Cars not listed - Send in Service)

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Add Flat Bottom
Add Alacantra
Add Stripe on top
Add Flat Top
Add LED bar
Upgrade To Forged Carbon Style


How to Order:


When you put the order in, we will contact you to finalize what you wanted done if its not listed. Upon check out in the notes box please put what you wanted done...


Top - Leather (color) , carbon fiber (colors in pictures) , woodgrain (colors in pictures) and perforated leather (color)


Bottom - Leather (color), carbon fiber (colors in pictures), woodgrain (colors in pictures) and perforated leather (color)


Sides - Leather non perforated or perforated leather and color


Stitching - Color




This is a send in service to remake your Custom Steering Wheel.


What you would do is "buy" this listing, then contact us for our address to send your wheel.


All wheels custom made take on average 8-10 weeks eta. If you are buying a spare wheel, we can also send you our address to send it directly to so that you don't have to pay for double shipping.


All wheels are unskinned factory leather / etc and remolded to your liking.


Just to be clear we will contact you after you buy, also feel free to leave us your contact email  / phone number in the notes section upon check out.



OPTION 1  - Add Flat Bottom. This simply means what it says, this option allows the skin mold to appear as if your steering wheel has a flat bottom.


OPTION 2 -  Add Alacantra. This changes the left and right side of your steering wheel to suede. Please note, suede there is no warranty because sweat, dirt, etc can ruin this and we are not liable, responsible or to be blamed for this. This is defiantly a cool option and we are in no way telling you that it wont last, but it does have to be taken care of..





Shift led light:

This has to be added when custom building, we can't add it to an already custom order or past order. This LED bar has a screen in the middle to display things such as MPG, etc. It also has lights on either end of the LED screen which act as shift lights / RPM style such as similar ones used in higher end cars. The warranty for this module is 6 months and ANYTHING to happen to it beyond its actual normal use is not covered ( broken screen, abuse, etc ). Professional install is required and these are all properly checked before shipping, we aren't responsible for a customer not understanding how to power the unit, ripped wires or anything out of what we consider an approved install by a certified mechanic whom is insured and understands what he or she is doing. All warranties if covered would ask for the LED bar to be send back and a new one will be sent. Install of new LED bar is not covered under warranty. 


Forged Carbon:









For show purposes only, person's must be aware this requires removing an air bag and professional assistance is recommend. We are not responsible, to be blammed or liable for any mishaps from improperly installed wheels / items pertaining to this listing. In no way are we changing the integrity of the wheel itself, so any issues that may occur during install, make sure you he or she is insured.

Reviews (1)

Custom stee wheel

Written by Hen S. on 11th Sep 2020

Ordered one for my 94 NSX. Perfect. They listen to exactly what I wanted And delivered. Very happy with communication as well.

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